About Us

About Us

The Portuguese Australian Women’s Association has been created to develop a network of
women who band together and support each other.

We promote the health and well-being of women and want to create a safe space in which young girls and women can grow and develop knowing that they are equal to the males around them – not better, not worse, but equal with the same potential and the same opportunities.

We provide a forum for the voice of Portuguese-speaking women and girls in Australia and want to highlight the significant contributions they have made to the wider community
through their leadership.

The purposes of the association are to:

  • bring Portuguese women and girls, and women from other Portuguese speaking countries together and form a network of support
  • provide a forum for the voice of Portuguese women and girls in Australia
  • provide a professional support network for Portuguese women and girls in Australia
  • drive equal opportunity and representation of women in the Portuguese community in Australia
  • promote the connection between our community’s elders and the younger generations of women and children, to impart their knowledge and wisdom of Portuguese culture and history
  • expand women’s leadership and social integration in the broader community
  • promote health and wellbeing of women
  • increase access to services through promotion and networking
  • fight against all forms of discrimination and family violence
  • collaborate with other organisations to promote mutual interests of women
  • promote the Portuguese language and culture in Australia